IT was an act of sheer selflessness for Nicola Sturgeon to volunteer the public sector for a brave new experiment.

Civil servants and quangocrats would bravely take the plunge by becoming early adopters of a radical innovation — the four-day week.

An impressive sacrifice — and she went further by encouraging companies to promote ‘hybrid’ working to placate staff reluctant to get back to their desks.

For once, she’s even prepared to put her money where her mouth is by earmarking £10million to help bosses explore how to bring in the four-day week.

And it’s a policy that seems to…

WHEN the official history of the SNP in government is finally produced, who will write it?

Well, given their control freakery, party chiefs might well want to author this definitive masterwork themselves, without external input.

But will there be any donors left to fund it? Possibly not, at this rate, in the midst of a fraud probe into more than £600,000 allegedly missing from the party’s accounts.

It’s something of a comedown for a movement that once filled stadiums with adoring supporters, queuing up to pay homage to the First Minister.

But we can be relatively sure that – in…

AFTER six years of entrenched secrecy, the Sturgeon regime is finally buckling under the weight of its own deceptions.

And there’s little doubt it will cling doggedly to those secrets for as long as it can, perhaps until after it has ceased to exist.

Richard Nixon spent most of his life after quitting the presidency battling to keep control of hours of Oval Office tape recordings.

With the same stubbornness, Nicola Sturgeon’s government is suppressing files relating to the Alex Salmond judicial review, in defiance of parliament.

And there’s something Nixonian about its tendency towards cover-up, paranoia and obfuscation –…

BACK in 2014, Nicola Sturgeon pledged her Government would be ‘open, listening, accessible and decentralising’.

Now her deputy John Swinney faces a no confidence vote for refusing to hand over key legal documentation to a Holyrood committee.

Lord Advocate James Wolffe is in a similar position: he’s head of the Crown Office, which hasn’t parted with material MSPs also want to see.

So, those two facts alone give you a good idea about the progress of that long-ago promise to run a more ‘open’ government .

It hasn’t happened, and the Sturgeon regime is in fact increasingly paranoid and secretive…

IN a matter of weeks, Scotland’s biggest city will be showcased to the world at a United Nations climate change summit.

Doubtless the many thousands of dignitaries will be carefully contained in expensive hotels or within the bounds of conference venues.

Perhaps that’s just as well because Glasgow’s in a state of terminal decline — not that the city’s SNP leaders appear to have noticed, or maybe they don’t care.

Filthy streets, a population of 1.3million rats (outnumbering people), some of which have hospitalised unfortunate binmen, overflowing bins and fly-tipping on a spectacular scale…

There’s little doubt the city council’s…

HISTORY is full of barmy conspiracy theories, some wilder than others, from who shot JFK to those secret oilfields we heard so much about back in 2014.

Nicola Sturgeon might seem far too sensible to subscribe to hypotheses about grassy knolls, but yesterday she outlined a bizarre belief of her own.

In her virtual keynote speech to the SNP conference (at one point 97 people were watching live on Twitter), she pointed out Scotland was under threat.

The aggressor? The UK Government, you might not be shocked to hear, is planning to make Scotland ‘poorer’ to keep us under Westminster’s…

NICOLA Sturgeon unveils her ‘net zero’ programme for government today, which coincidentally sums up the number of new ideas she has.

There’s likely to be zero dynamism — and net zero interest in anything other than keeping her new Green partners sweet, while pushing the same old separatist agenda.

You might wonder what good is a ‘net zero’ or decarbonised society if we’re all too sick to enjoy it — and that’s the way we’re heading with the NHS in dire straits.

More than 600,000 people are languishing on waiting lists and the NHS 24 phone line is struggling to…

TOUGH on crime, tough on the causes of crime was the old Blairite mantra — one that typically tried to ride two horses.

The proposition was that New Labour was progressive, trying to root out the social evils that lead to offending, but wasn’t soft on criminals.

In Scotland, Alex Salmond attempted to re-position the Nationalists as the party of law and order, aiming (but failing) to steal the Tories’ clothing.

Mind you, it wasn’t easy with a justice minister, Kenny MacAskill, who said the idea that policing was about protecting folk from bad guys was an ‘anachronism’.

Since then…

IMAGINE you’re running the government and desperate to send out a signal that Scotland is back in business.

There’s every indication that the virus which laid waste to the economy has been brought under control, for now at least.

So what do you do? Well, Nicola Sturgeon has an idea: forge a ‘progressive’ parliamentary alliance with a group of Marxist eco-zealots.

Precisely how that’s meant to reassure employers that government is on their side is anyone’s guess – but maybe that was never the motivation.

Further details of the SNP’s pact with the Greens, which might well involve a couple…

THERE was a time when the exact numbers turning out at pro-independence rallies were a matter of fierce debate.

Some participants would chastise the BBC for failing to give them enough coverage, or underestimating attendance.

It became so contentious that police stopped providing figures on the size of crowds — because they didn’t want to stoke controversy.

No more: take a look at some of the images from the All Under One Banner group’s ‘static rally’ in Dundee on Saturday — it wasn’t exactly mobbed.

Were it not for coronavirus restrictions, it’s conceivable all of those present could have fitted…

Graham Grant.

Home Affairs Editor, columnist, leader writer, Scottish Daily Mail. Twitter: @GrahamGGrant Facebook: @sdmnewspaper

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